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How to Order Official Transcripts Online

How can I request my transcript on Texas State Self-Service?

1)    Log on to Texas State Self-Service
a)     Texas State ID: (Letter A + 8 digits)
b)    Self-Service PIN
2)    Click on “Student” tab then "Student Records"
3)    Click on “Request Printed Transcript” (Note: if you have a hold, you will not be able to request a transcript)
4)    Select “Official” under Transcript Type and if necessary, make any changes to the delivery address and click “Continue”.
Sending Transcripts Electronically:
Pick "External Code" to send transcripts electronically to another institution, then click "Continue".
This will auto populate the institution address.  (Add Phone Number)
5)    Number of Copies (Up to 30):
Enter number of copies to the same address
      Official Transcript:
Select “Yes” for Official
      Include Current Semester Courses:
            Select current semester
      Print Transcripts: (Select one the three options)
            As soon as possible
            Hold for grades
            Hold for degrees
      Delivery Method:
            Select "Mail Out $5.00 per copy"
6)    You will then get a Transcript Request Summary. Verify your information and click “Submit Request”.
7)    Payment: the system will continue to another screen where you will enter your Payment method information. Once submitted, please wait as your payment gets processed. You should get confirmation screen that includes your “Receipt No.”
8)    To view the status of your request, follow steps 1-2 and click on “View Status of Transcript Requests” and select request date.
9) You may now log off Banner Self-Service