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Dropping a Class

Dropping is removing one or more classes from your schedule within the academic calendar deadline, but having at least one class left. Students may drop courses from their schedules for a limited time each semester. The online registration calendar for each semester indicates the deadlines for students to drop courses each term.

Courses officially dropped before the Census Date do not appear on a student’s transcript. See the online registration calendar each semester for Census Dates. It is the student’s responsibility to drop a course by the appropriate deadline.


To Drop a Class:

1) Log in to Bobcat Scheduling & Registration and click "Current Schedule"

 To drop a class, a student must first log in to Texas State Self-Service. Select the “Bobcat Scheduling & Registration” link under the Registration page. Click "Current Schedule" in the top menu of Bobcat Scheduling & Registration.

Click Current Schedule

2) Click "Edit or Drop Classes"

Click the "Edit or Drop Classes" button on the upper right

Click Edit or Drop Classes

3) Drop course and click "Save"

Under "Registration Status" select your drop reason and then click "Save"

Select drop reason and click save


I do not see the option to drop a class, what do I do?

  • If the class you want to drop is the only class you are enrolled in, you will need to submit an Online University Withdrawal form to go to zero enrolled hours.
  • The class you want to drop may be past the drop deadline. Check the academic calendar for those dates.
  • You may have a hold on your account preventing you from making schedule changes. Holds are listed under the Student Records page in Texas State Self-Service. For details about the hold on your account, contact the administrative office that placed it there.


Does dropping a class change my Financial Aid?

Please contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office for further information about how this might change:

Financial Aid and Scholarships
J. C. Kellam Building, Suite 240
Texas State University
601 University Dr.
San Marcos, Texas 78666–4684

Phone: (512)245-2315


Will I be receiving a refund for a class I drop?

Deadlines are set by the Student Business Services office which delegate when refunds are applicable. Visit Student Business Services’ Refund Information webpage for more information.