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Bobcat Scheduling & Registration

An Improved Way to Register is Here!

Bobcat Schedule Builder has been upgraded with some amazing features that will make registration even easier. With the new enhancements, the name will also change to Bobcat Scheduling & Registration which more fully describes its functionality. You are now able to plan a schedule, register and add or drop classes right within the mobile friendly application!

To access Bobcat Scheduling & Registration you will first need to log in to Texas State Self-Service by clicking the button below.


Need to drop a class for Fall 2020?

1) Log in to Bobcat Scheduling & Registration and click "Current Schedule"

 To drop a class, a student must first log in to Texas State Self-Service. Select the “Bobcat Scheduling & Registration” link under the Registration page. Click "Current Schedule" in the top menu of Bobcat Scheduling & Registration.

Click on Current Schedule

2) Click "Edit or Drop Classes"

Click the "Edit or Drop Classes" button on the upper right

Click Edit or Drop Classes

3) Drop course and click "Save"

Under "Registration Status" select your drop reason and then click "Save"

Drop course and click save