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What are Waitlists?

Waitlists are a queue that you can join, allowing you to wait for a seat to open in a class. If enabled by the department and the class is completely full, you have the option of joining the waitlist. If you are on the list, and a previous student drops the class, a seat opens up and you will have the chance to register for the class.

Waitlist flowchart


How do I join a Waitlist?

Registering for a place on the waitlist for a class is similar to registering for a seat in the class. On the "Add or Drop Classes" screen in Texas State Self-Service, type in the CRN of the class and click "Submit Changes". When the class is closed but there is available space on the waitlist, you will see a "Registration Add Error" and you will have the option of electing to be on the waitlist in the Action drop down menu. The schedule will now display this class status as “Wait Listed”.

Enter CRN and click submit changes


Pick Wait Listed from Action Menu


Vew Waitlisted class in current schedule


How do I know when I can register for the class?

During registration, if a seat becomes available, you will receive a notification email from the system to your official email address. It is important that you check your BobcatMail on a regular basis so that you will be able to see if you received this notification. You will have 24 hours from the time the email arrived to register.


What happens if I miss my chance?

If you miss your chance to register for the class for any reason, you can place yourself on the waitlist again. However, you will be added to the bottom of the queue and have to wait for another spot to open.


Okay, I got the email. How exactly do I register for the class?

Return to the "Add or Drop Classes" screen in Texas State Self-Service. The waitlisted class will now have the option to register on the Action drop down menu. When you have successfully registered for the class, your schedule will display “Registered” in the Status column for that class instead of “Wait Listed”.

Select Registered-Web and Submit Changes


Current Schedule


Why can’t I waitlist for this class?

If there is no waitlist offered for the class, it may be that:

  • The department of that class did not elect to use the waitlisting feature
  • You may have a hold on your account preventing registration or signing up for waitlists
  • The waitlist may be full
  • You cannot register or waitlist for more than one section of that course


How do I drop myself from the waitlist?

You are able to drop yourself from a waitlist the same way you would drop from a course you are actually registered for. Go into Texas State Self-Service and access "Registration/Schedule Changes". After you select the term you are trying to edit, you can use the down arrow box to drop the class and remove yourself from the waitlist.


How do I know what courses offer a waitlist?

You can tell whether or not a class has a waitlist available by checking the schedule of classes in Texas State Self-Service. There are 3 columns that are displayed to help you know what your registration options are:

  • WL Cap – Total Capacity of the waitlist for the class
  • WL Act – Actual number of people on the waitlist
  • WL Rem – How many slots are still available on the waitlist

Note: If there is a zero(0) in the “WL CAP” column, waitlisting is not available for that class.


So if I put myself on a waitlist, am I guaranteed a seat?

No. A waitlist is just that, a list of students waiting for a spot to open in a class. Putting yourself on a waitlist does not mean that the you will get a seat, as priority is set in order of who signed up for the waitlist first.


Should I be checking for emails?

Yes! Notification emails on your waitlist status are extremely important. They notify you when you are able to register or if you are advised to drop from that waitlist. You need keep an eye out for these emails regarding waitlist updates. These notifications will be addressed to your email account.

Example Waitlist Email