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Walking Times Between Buildings

Bldg. Combo From To Walking Time (
ASBN‐AG Academic Services Building North Agriculture 3.31
ASBN‐ALK Academic Services Building North Alkek Library 5.32
ASBN‐ASBS Academic Services Building North Academic Services Building South 0.50
ASBN‐CENT Academic Services Building North Centennial 2.00
ASBN-CMAL Academic Services Building North Comal 2.25
ASBN‐CHEM Academic Services Building North Chemistry 1.32
ASBN‐DERR Academic Services Building North Derrick 3.56
ASBN‐ED Academic Services Building North Education 1.53
ASBN‐ELA Academic Services Building North Evans Liberal Arts 3.20
ASBN‐FAB Academic Services Building North Freeman Aquatic Bio 4.50
ASBN‐FCS Academic Services Building North Family & Consumer Sci 13.55
ASBN‐FH Academic Services Building North Flowers 5.25
ASBN‐HINE Academic Services Building North Hines Academic 3.20
ASBN‐HPB Academic Services Building North Encion Hall 8.00
ASBN‐JCM Academic Services Building North Joanne Cole Mitte 12.00
ASBN‐JOW Academic Services Building North Jowers 4.00
ASBN‐LAMP Academic Services Building North Lampasas 2.00
ASBN‐LBJ Academic Services Building North LBJ‐Student Center 6.40
ASBN‐MCOY Academic Services Building North McCoy 8.00
ASBN‐MUS Academic Services Building North Music 7.25
ASBN‐OM Academic Services Building North Old Main 2.40
ASBN‐PED Academic Services Building North Pedernales 6.20
ASBN‐RFM Academic Services Building North Roy Mitte 8.39
ASBN‐SUPP Academic Services Building North Supple, Jerome & Catherine 8.32
ASBN‐THEA Academic Services Building North Theatre 5.22
ASBN-UAC Academic Services Building North Under Graduate Admissions 6.20
ASBN‐TMH Academic Services Building North Taylor‐Murphy 2.37
ASBN-IGRM Academic Services Building North Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 8.46
ASBS‐AG Academic Services Building South Agriculture 3.31
ASBS‐ALK Academic Services Building South Alkek Library 5.32
ASBS‐ASBN Academic Services Building South Academic Services Building North 0.50
ASBS-CMAL Academic Services Building South Comal 2.25
ASBS‐CENT Academic Services Building South Centennial 2.00
ASBS‐CHEM Academic Services Building South Chemistry 1.32
ASBS‐DERR Academic Services Building South Derrick 3.56
ASBS‐ED Academic Services Building South Education 1.55
ASBS‐ELA Academic Services Building South Evans Liberal Arts 3.20
ASBS‐FAB Academic Services Building South Freeman Aquatic Bio 4.50
ASBS‐FCS Academic Services Building South Family & Consumer Sci 13.55
ASBS‐FH Academic Services Building South Flowers 5.26
ASBS‐HINE Academic Services Building South Hines Academic 3.20
ASBS‐HPB Academic Services Building South Encion Hall 8.00
ASBS‐JCM Academic Services Building South Joanne Cole Mitte 12.00
ASBS‐JOW Academic Services Building South Jowers 4.00
ASBS‐LAMP Academic Services Building South Lampasas 2.00
ASBS‐LBJ Academic Services Building South LBJ‐Student Center 6.40
ASBS‐MCOY Academic Services Building South McCoy 9.00
ASBS‐MUS Academic Services Building South Music 7.25
ASBS‐OM Academic Services Building South Old Main 2.40
ASBS‐PED Academic Services Building South Pedernales 6.00
ASBS‐RFM Academic Services Building South Roy Mitte 11.08
ASBS‐SUPP Academic Services Building South Supple, Jerome & Catherine 10.32
ASBS‐THEA Academic Services Building South Theatre 4.48
ASBS-UAC Academic Services Building South Under Graduate Admissions 6.20
ASBS‐TMH Academic Services Building South Taylor‐Murphy 4.00
ASBS-IGRM Academic Services Building South Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 10.24
AG‐ALK Agriculture Alkek Library 8.50
AG‐ASBN Agriculture Academic Services Building North 3.31
AG‐ASBS Agriculture Academic Services Building South 3.31
AG‐CENT Agriculture Centennial 4.18
AG‐CHEM Agriculture Chemistry 2.54
AG-CMAL Agriculture Comal 4.49
AG‐DERR Agriculture Derrick 5.22
AG‐ED Agriculture Education 6.50
AG‐ELA Agriculture Evans Liberal Arts 5.18
AG‐FAB Agriculture Freeman Aquatic Bio 5.06
AG‐FCS Agriculture Family & Consumer Sci 16.30
AG‐FH Agriculture Flowers 4.15
AG‐HINE Agriculture Hines Academic 4.45
AG‐HPB Agriculture Encion Hall 10.58
AG‐JCM Agriculture Joanne Cole Mitte 10.35
AG‐JOW Agriculture Jowers 7.00
AG‐LAMP Agriculture Lampasas 2.53
AG‐LBJ Agriculture LBJ‐Student Center 9.41
AG‐MCOY Agriculture McCoy 10.00
AG‐MUS Agriculture Music 4.42
AG‐OM Agriculture Old Main 2.51
AG‐PED Agriculture Pedernales 2.05
AG‐RFM Agriculture Roy Mitte 13.51
AG‐SUPP Agriculture Supple, Jerome & Catherine 12.50
AG‐THEA Agriculture Theatre 9.50
AG‐TMH Agriculture Taylor‐Murphy 5.10
AG-UAC Agriculture Under Graduate Admissions 7.22
AG-IGRM Agriculture Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 10.46
ALK‐AG Alkek Library Agriculture 7.58
ALK‐ASBN Alkek Library Academic Services Building North 5.32
ALK‐ASBS Alkek Library Academic Services Building South 5.26
ALK‐CENT Alkek Library Centennial 3.58
ALK‐CHEM Alkek Library Chemistry 5.08
ALK-CMAL Alkek Library Comal 3.21
ALK‐DERR Alkek Library Derrick 0.56
ALK‐ED Alkek Library Education 8.50
ALK‐ELA Alkek Library Evans Liberal Arts 1.25
ALK‐FAB Alkek Library Freeman Aquatic Bio 8.10
ALK‐FCS Alkek Library Family & Consumer Sci 10.05
ALK‐FH Alkek Library Flowers 3.56
ALK‐HINE Alkek Library Hines Academic 8.44
ALK‐HPB Alkek Library Encion Hall 3.00
ALK‐JCM Alkek Library Joanne Cole Mitte 5.25
ALK‐JOW Alkek Library Jowers 13.00
ALK‐LAMP Alkek Library Lampasas 5.09
ALK‐LBJ Alkek Library LBJ‐Student Center 2.00
ALK‐MCOY Alkek Library McCoy 3.00
ALK‐MUS Alkek Library Music 6.02
ALK‐OM Alkek Library Old Main 5.10
ALK‐PED Alkek Library Pedernales 5.42
ALK‐RFM Alkek Library Roy Mitte 5.20
ALK‐SUPP Alkek Library Supple, Jerome & Catherine 5.30
ALK‐THEA Alkek Library Theatre 11.01
ALK‐TMH Alkek Library Taylor‐Murphy 4.01
ALK-UAC Alkek Library Under Graduate Admissions 2.00
ALK-IGRM Alkek Library Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 5.24
CENT‐AG Centennial Agriculture 4.18
CENT‐ALK Centennial Alkek Library 4.05
CENT‐ASBN Centennial Academic Services Building North 2.00
CENT‐ASBS Centennial Academic Services Building South 2.00
CENT‐CHEM Centennial Chemistry 1.25
CENT-CMAL Centennial Comal 0.30
CENT‐DERR Centennial Derrick 2.33
CENT‐ED Centennial Education 3.30
CENT‐ELA Centennial Evans Liberal Arts 2.15
CENT‐FAB Centennial Freeman Aquatic Bio 6.37
CENT‐FCS Centennial Family & Consumer Sci 13.34
CENT‐FH Centennial Flowers 0.30
CENT‐HINE Centennial Hines Academic 3.19
CENT‐HPB Centennial Encion Hall 6.20
CENT‐JCM Centennial Joanne Cole Mitte 10.00
CENT‐JOW Centennial Jowers 12.06
CENT‐LAMP Centennial Lampasas 1.50
CENT‐LBJ Centennial LBJ‐Student Center 4.58
CENT‐MCOY Centennial McCoy 6.00
CENT‐MUS Centennial Music 3.57
CENT‐OM Centennial Old Main 1.35
CENT‐PED Centennial Pedernales 5.25
CENT‐RFM Centennial Roy Mitte 7.20
CENT‐SUPP Centennial Supple, Jerome & Catherine 10.21
CENT‐THEA Centennial Theatre 7.06
CENT-UAC Centennial Under Graduate Admissions 3.05
CENT‐TMH Centennial Taylor‐Murphy 2.20
CENT-IGRM Centennial Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 6.46
CHEM‐AG Chemistry Agriculture 2.40
CHEM‐ALK Chemistry Alkek Library 5.45
CHEM‐ASBN Chemistry Academic Services Building North 1.32
CHEM‐ASBS Chemistry Academic Services Building South 1.32
CHEM‐CENT Chemistry Centennial 0.30
CHEM-CMAL Chemistry Comal 2.30
CHEM‐DERR Chemistry Derrick 2.58
CHEM‐ED Chemistry Education 3.35
CHEM‐ELA Chemistry Evans Liberal Arts 2.30
CHEM‐FAB Chemistry Freeman Aquatic Bio 6.35
CHEM‐FCS Chemistry Family & Consumer Sci 14.27
CHEM‐FH Chemistry Flowers 1.19
CHEM‐HINE Chemistry Hines Academic 2.10
CHEM‐HPB Chemistry Encion Hall 10.00
CHEM‐JCM Chemistry Joanne Cole Mitte 9.41
CHEM‐JOW Chemistry Jowers 12.06
CHEM‐LAMP Chemistry Lampasas 0.37
CHEM‐LBJ Chemistry LBJ‐Student Center 3.29
CHEM‐MCOY Chemistry McCoy 7.40
CHEM‐MUS Chemistry Music 3.16
CHEM‐OM Chemistry Old Main 0.39
CHEM‐PED Chemistry Pedernales 4.01
CHEM‐RFM Chemistry Roy Mitte 10.58
CHEM‐SUPP Chemistry Supple, Jerome & Catherine 9.58
CHEM‐THEA Chemistry Theatre 6.13
CHEM-UAC Chemistry Under Graduate Admissions 4.10
CHEM‐TMH Chemistry Taylor‐Murphy 3.19
CHEM-IGRM Chemistry Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 7.86
CMAL‐AG Comal Agriculture 4.00
CMAL‐ALK Comal Alkek Library 3.09
CMAL‐ASBN Comal Academic Services Building North 2.25
CMAL‐ASBS Comal Academic Services Building South 2.25
CMAL-CENT Comal Centennial 0.30
CMAL‐CHEM Comal Chemistry 1.30
CMAL‐DERR Comal Derrick 1.26
CMAL‐ED Comal Education 2.35
CMAL‐ELA Comal Evans Liberal Arts 2.20
CMAL‐FAB Comal Freeman Aquatic Bio 6.37
CMAL‐FCS Comal Family & Consumer Sci 13.35
CMAL‐FH Comal Flowers 12.53
CMAL‐HINE Comal Hines Academic 2.15
CMAL‐HPB Comal Encion Hall 5.45
CMAL‐JCM Comal Joanne Cole Mitte 10.00
CMAL‐JOW Comal Jowers 12.00
CMAL‐LAMP Comal Lampasas 1.50
CMAL‐LBJ Comal LBJ‐Student Center 4.28
CMAL‐MCOY Comal McCoy 5.40
CMAL‐MUS Comal Music 3.55
CMAL‐OM Comal Old Main 1.30
CMAL‐PED Comal Pedernales 5.25
CMAL‐RFM Comal Roy Mitte 7.16
CMAL‐SUPP Comal Supple, Jerome & Catherine 10.15
CMAL‐THEA Comal Theatre 3.09
CMAL‐TMH Comal Taylor‐Murphy 0.45
CMAL-UAC Comal Under Graduate Admissions 2.58
CMAL-IGRM Comal Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 5.86
DERR‐AG Derrick Agriculture 5.22
DERR‐ALK Derrick Alkek Library 0.56
DERR‐ASBN Derrick Academic Services Building North 3.56
DERR‐ASBS Derrick Academic Services Building South 3.56
DERR‐CENT Derrick Centennial 1.48
DERR‐CHEM Derrick Chemistry 2.58
DERR-CMAL Derrick Comal 1.22
DERR‐ED Derrick Education 5.00
DERR‐ELA Derrick Evans Liberal Arts 1.00
DERR‐FAB Derrick Freeman Aquatic Bio 8.10
DERR‐FCS Derrick Family & Consumer Sci 11.29
DERR‐FH Derrick Flowers 1.48
DERR‐HINE Derrick Hines Academic 7.20
DERR‐HPB Derrick Encion Hall 6.45
DERR‐JCM Derrick Joanne Cole Mitte 7.22
DERR‐JOW Derrick Jowers 12.44
DERR‐LAMP Derrick Lampasas 3.01
DERR‐LBJ Derrick LBJ‐Student Center 3.29
DERR‐MCOY Derrick McCoy 7.00
DERR‐MUS Derrick Music 4.56
DERR‐OM Derrick Old Main 3.01
DERR‐PED Derrick Pedernales 5.11
DERR‐RFM Derrick Roy Mitte 7.00
DERR‐SUPP Derrick Supple, Jerome & Catherine 6.40
DERR‐THEA Derrick Theatre 7.00
DERR‐TMH Derrick Taylor‐Murphy 0.33
DERR-UAC Derrick Under Graduate Admissions 2.45
DERR-IGRM Derrick Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 10.52
ED‐AG Education Agriculture 6.55
ED‐ALK Education Alkek Library 8.50
ED‐ASBN Education Academic Services Building North 1.53
ED‐ASBS Education Academic Services Building South 1.55
ED‐CENT Education Centennial 3.30
ED‐CHEM Education Chemistry 3.35
ED-CMAL Education Comal 2.35
ED‐DERR Education Derrick 5.00
ED‐ELA Education Evans Liberal Arts 5.50
ED‐FAB Education Freeman Aquatic Bio 10.51
ED‐FCS Education Family & Consumer Sci 15.41
ED‐FH Education Flowers 2.30
ED‐HINE Education Hines Academic 4.44
ED‐HPB Education Encion Hall 9.25
ED‐JCM Education Joanne Cole Mitte 9.43
ED‐JOW Education Jowers 9.06
ED‐LAMP Education Lampasas 1.41
ED‐LBJ Education LBJ‐Student Center 7.26
ED‐MCOY Education McCoy 11.00
ED‐MUS Education Music 8.56
ED‐OM Education Old Main 3.00
ED‐PED Education Pedernales 8.02
ED‐RFM Education Roy Mitte 10.20
ED‐SUPP Education Supple, Jerome & Catherine 12.11
ED‐THEA Education Theatre 5.00
ED‐TMH Education Taylor‐Murphy 5.00
ED-UAC Education Under Graduate Admissions 8.00
ED-IGRM Education Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 11.49
HPB‐AG Encino Hall Agriculture 10.58
HPB‐ALK Encino Hall Alkek Library 3.00
HPB‐ASBN Encino Hall Academic Services Building North 8.00
HPB‐ASBS Encino Hall Academic Services Building South 8.00
HPB‐CENT Encino Hall Centennial 9.00
HPB‐CHEM Encino Hall Chemistry 10.00
HPB-CMAL Encino Hall Comal 5.45
HPB‐DERR Encino Hall Derrick 6.45
HPB‐ED Encino Hall Education 9.25
HPB‐ELA Encino Hall Evans Liberal Arts 8.10
HPB‐FAB Encino Hall Freeman Aquatic Bio 14.21
HPB‐FCS Encino Hall Family & Consumer Sci 6.25
HPB‐FH Encino Hall Flowers 3.35
HPB‐HINE Encino Hall Hines Academic 12.00
HPB‐JCM Encino Hall Joanne Cole Mitte 2.21
HPB‐JOW Encino Hall Jowers 24.01
HPB‐LAMP Encino Hall Lampasas 9.10
HPB‐LBJ Encino Hall LBJ‐Student Center 2.20
HPB‐MCOY Encino Hall McCoy 3.10
HPB‐MUS Encino Hall Music 9.34
HPB‐OM Encino Hall Old Main 10.17
HPB‐PED Encino Hall Pedernales 9.40
HPB‐RFM Encino Hall Roy Mitte 2.22
HPB‐SUPP Encino Hall Supple, Jerome & Catherine 2.15
HPB‐THEA Encino Hall Theatre 12.55
HPB‐TMH Encino Hall Taylor‐Murphy 6.13
HPB-UAC Encino Hall Under Graduate Admissions 6.18
ENC-IGRM Encino Hall Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 6.27
ELA‐AG Evans Liberal Arts Agriculture 5.18
ELA‐ALK Evans Liberal Arts Alkek Library 1.25
ELA‐ASBN Evans Liberal Arts Academic Services Building North 3.25
ELA‐ASBS Evans Liberal Arts Academic Services Building South 3.25
ELA‐CENT Evans Liberal Arts Centennial 2.15
ELA‐CHEM Evans Liberal Arts Chemistry 2.30
ELA-CMAL Evans Liberal Arts Comal 2.20
ELA‐DERR Evans Liberal Arts Derrick 1.00
ELA‐ED Evans Liberal Arts Education 5.50
ELA‐FAB Evans Liberal Arts Freeman Aquatic Bio 6.49
ELA‐FCS Evans Liberal Arts Family & Consumer Sci 11.37
ELA‐FH Evans Liberal Arts Flowers 2.30
ELA‐HINE Evans Liberal Arts Hines Academic 6.02
ELA‐HPB Evans Liberal Arts Encion Hall 8.10
ELA‐JCM Evans Liberal Arts Joanne Cole Mitte 5.55
ELA‐JOW Evans Liberal Arts Jowers 14.01
ELA‐LAMP Evans Liberal Arts Lampasas 5.00
ELA‐LBJ Evans Liberal Arts LBJ‐Student Center 5.04
ELA‐MCOY Evans Liberal Arts McCoy 6.00
ELA‐MUS Evans Liberal Arts Music 5.09
ELA‐OM Evans Liberal Arts Old Main 4.52
ELA‐PED Evans Liberal Arts Pedernales 5.01
ELA‐RFM Evans Liberal Arts Roy Mitte 9.00
ELA‐SUPP Evans Liberal Arts Supple, Jerome & Catherine 8.50
ELA‐THEA Evans Liberal Arts Theatre 9.05
ELA‐TMH Evans Liberal Arts Taylor‐Murphy 0.45
ELA-UAC Evans Liberal Arts Under Graduate Admissions 1.30
ELA-IGRM Evans Liberal Arts Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 6.46
FCS-IGRM Family & Consumer Sci Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 6.42
FCS‐AG Family & Consumer Sciences Agriculture 16.30
FCS‐ALK Family & Consumer Sciences Alkek Library 10.05
FCS‐ASBN Family & Consumer Sciences Academic Services Building North 13.55
FCS‐ASBS Family & Consumer Sciences Academic Services Building South 13.55
FCS‐CENT Family & Consumer Sciences Centennial 13.34
FCS‐CHEM Family & Consumer Sciences Chemistry 14.27
FCS-CMAL Family & Consumer Sciences Comal 13.35
FCS‐DERR Family & Consumer Sciences Derrick 11.29
FCS‐ED Family & Consumer Sciences Education 15.41
FCS‐ELA Family & Consumer Sciences Evans Liberal Arts 11.37
FCS‐FAB Family & Consumer Sciences Freeman Aquatic Bio 21.22
FCS‐FH Family & Consumer Sciences Flowers 13.00
FCS‐HINE Family & Consumer Sciences Hines Academic 16.12
FCS‐HPB Family & Consumer Sciences Encion Hall 3.35
FCS‐JCM Family & Consumer Sciences Joanne Cole Mitte 1.40
FCS‐JOW Family & Consumer Sciences Jowers 27.52
FCS‐LAMP Family & Consumer Sciences Lampasas 15.05
FCS‐LBJ Family & Consumer Sciences LBJ‐Student Center 5.50
FCS‐MCOY Family & Consumer Sciences McCoy 4.50
FCS‐MUS Family & Consumer Sciences Music 16.45
FCS‐OM Family & Consumer Sciences Old Main 14.00
FCS‐PED Family & Consumer Sciences Pedernales 15.52
FCS‐RFM Family & Consumer Sciences Roy Mitte 2.20
FCS‐SUPP Family & Consumer Sciences Supple, Jerome & Catherine 2.30
FCS‐THEA Family & Consumer Sciences Theatre 15.25
FCS‐TMH Family & Consumer Sciences Taylor‐Murphy 12.50
FCS-UAC Family & Consumer Sciences Under Graduate Admissions 10.00
FH‐AG Flowers Agriculture 4.16
FH‐ALK Flowers Alkek Library 4.00
FH‐ASBN Flowers Academic Services Building North 2.00
FH‐ASBS Flowers Academic Services Building South 2.00
FH‐CENT Flowers Centennial 0.30
FH‐CHEM Flowers Chemistry 1.19
FH-CMAL Flowers Comal 0.20
FH‐DERR Flowers Derrick 2.34
FH‐ED Flowers Education 2.30
FH‐ELA Flowers Evans Liberal Arts 2.30
FH‐FAB Flowers Freeman Aquatic Bio 6.55
FH‐FCS Flowers Family & Consumer Sci 13.00
FH‐HINE Flowers Hines Academic 5.00
FH‐HPB Flowers Encion Hall 5.44
FH‐JCM Flowers Joanne Cole Mitte 11.25
FH‐JOW Flowers Jowers 7.50
FH‐LAMP Flowers Lampasas 1.38
FH‐LBJ Flowers LBJ‐Student Center 5.40
FH‐MCOY Flowers McCoy 8.00
FH‐MUS Flowers Music 2.02
FH‐OM Flowers Old Main 1.20
FH‐PED Flowers Pedernales 10.05
FH‐RFM Flowers Roy Mitte 7.15
FH‐SUPP Flowers Supple, Jerome & Catherine 7.06
FH‐THEA Flowers Theatre 5.45
FH‐TMH Flowers Taylor‐Murphy 2.00
FH-UAC Flowers Under Graduate Admissions 5.00
FH-IGRM Flowers Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 7.68
FAB-IGRM Freeman Aquatic Bio Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 14.56
FAB‐AG Freeman Aquatic Biology Agriculture 5.06
FAB‐ALK Freeman Aquatic Biology Alkek Library 8.10
FAB‐ASBN Freeman Aquatic Biology Academic Services Building North 4.50
FAB‐ASBS Freeman Aquatic Biology Academic Services Building South 4.50
FAB‐CENT Freeman Aquatic Biology Centennial 6.37
FAB‐CHEM Freeman Aquatic Biology Chemistry 6.35
FAB-CMAL Freeman Aquatic Biology Comal 6.37
FAB‐DERR Freeman Aquatic Biology Derrick 8.10
FAB‐ED Freeman Aquatic Biology Education 10.51
FAB‐ELA Freeman Aquatic Biology Evans Liberal Arts 6.49
FAB‐FCS Freeman Aquatic Biology Family & Consumer Sci 21.22
FAB‐FH Freeman Aquatic Biology Flowers 6.55
FAB‐HINE Freeman Aquatic Biology Hines Academic 5.54
FAB‐HPB Freeman Aquatic Biology Encion Hall 14.21
FAB‐JCM Freeman Aquatic Biology Joanne Cole Mitte 17.11
FAB‐JOW Freeman Aquatic Biology Jowers 8.52
FAB‐LAMP Freeman Aquatic Biology Lampasas 5.40
FAB‐LBJ Freeman Aquatic Biology LBJ‐Student Center 12.44
FAB‐MCOY Freeman Aquatic Biology McCoy 14.10
FAB‐MUS Freeman Aquatic Biology Music 9.46
FAB‐OM Freeman Aquatic Biology Old Main 7.10
FAB‐PED Freeman Aquatic Biology Pedernales 8.14
FAB‐RFM Freeman Aquatic Biology Roy Mitte 15.17
FAB‐SUPP Freeman Aquatic Biology Supple, Jerome & Catherine 16.23
FAB‐THEA Freeman Aquatic Biology Theatre 11.10
FAB‐TMH Freeman Aquatic Biology Taylor‐Murphy 8.12
FAB-UAC Freeman Aquatic Biology Under Graduate Admissions 8.00
HINE‐AG Hines Academic Agriculture 1.45
HINE‐ALK Hines Academic Alkek Library 8.44
HINE‐ASBN Hines Academic Academic Services Building North 3.20
HINE‐ASBS Hines Academic Academic Services Building South 3.20
HINE‐CENT Hines Academic Centennial 3.19
HINE‐CHEM Hines Academic Chemistry 2.10
HINE-CMAL Hines Academic Comal 2.15
HINE‐DERR Hines Academic Derrick 7.20
HINE‐ED Hines Academic Education 4.44
HINE‐ELA Hines Academic Evans Liberal Arts 6.02
HINE‐FAB Hines Academic Freeman Aquatic Bio 5.54
HINE‐FCS Hines Academic Family & Consumer Sci 16.12
HINE‐FH Hines Academic Flowers 5.00
HINE‐HPB Hines Academic Encion Hall 12.00
HINE‐JCM Hines Academic Joanne Cole Mitte 10.18
HINE‐JOW Hines Academic Jowers 8.00
HINE‐LAMP Hines Academic Lampasas 3.56
HINE‐LBJ Hines Academic LBJ‐Student Center 8.04
HINE‐MCOY Hines Academic McCoy 11.51
HINE‐MUS Hines Academic Music 4.12
HINE‐OM Hines Academic Old Main 2.41
HINE‐PED Hines Academic Pedernales 4.30
HINE‐RFM Hines Academic Roy Mitte 12.15
HINE‐SUPP Hines Academic Supple, Jerome & Catherine 10.15
HINE‐THEA Hines Academic Theatre 7.30
HINE‐TMH Hines Academic Taylor‐Murphy 4.34
HINE-UAC Hines Academic Under Graduate Admissions 7.10
HINE-IGRM Hines Academic Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 14.27
IGRM‐AG Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Agriculture 10.46
IGRM‐ALK Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Alkek Library 5.24
IGRM-ASBN Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Academic Services Building North 8.46
IGRM‐ASBS Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Academic Services Building South 10.24
IGRM‐CENT Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Centennial 6.46
IGRM‐CHEM Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Chemistry 7.86
IGRM-CMAL Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Comal 5.86
IGRM‐DERR Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Derrick 10.52
IGRM‐ED Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Education 11.49
IGRM‐ELA Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Evans Liberal Arts 6.46
IGRM‐ENC Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Encino Hall 6.27
IGRM‐FAB Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Freeman Aquatic Bio 14.56
IGRM‐FCS Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Family & Consumer Sci 6.42
IGRM‐FH Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Flowers 7.68
IGRM‐HINE Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Hines Academic 14.27
IGRM‐JCM Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Joanne Cole Mitte 5.12
IGRM‐JOW Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Jowers 15.76
IGRM‐LAMP Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Lampasas 9.46
IGRM‐LBJ Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) LBJ‐Student Center 4.44
IGRM‐MCOY Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) McCoy 5.34
IGRM‐MUS Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Music 9.66
IGRM‐OM Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Old Main 9.91
IGRM‐PED Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Pedernales 9.61
IGRM‐RFM Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Roy Mitte 4.52
IGRM‐SUPP Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Supple, Jerome & Catherine 4.39
IGRM‐THEA Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Theatre 14.79
IGRM‐TMH Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Taylor‐Murphy 6.56
IGRM-UAC Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) Undergraduate Admissions 4.46
JCM‐AG Joanne Cole Mitte Agriculture 10.25
JCM‐ALK Joanne Cole Mitte Alkek Library 5.24
JCM‐ASBN Joanne Cole Mitte Academic Services Building North 12.00
JCM‐ASBS Joanne Cole Mitte Academic Services Building South 12.00
JCM‐CENT Joanne Cole Mitte Centennial 10.00
JCM‐CHEM Joanne Cole Mitte Chemistry 10.28
JCM-CMAL Joanne Cole Mitte Comal 10.00
JCM‐DERR Joanne Cole Mitte Derrick 7.22
JCM‐ED Joanne Cole Mitte Education 9.43
JCM‐ELA Joanne Cole Mitte Evans Liberal Arts 5.55
JCM‐FAB Joanne Cole Mitte Freeman Aquatic Bio 17.11
JCM‐FCS Joanne Cole Mitte Family & Consumer Sci 1.40
JCM‐FH Joanne Cole Mitte Flowers 8.05
JCM‐HINE Joanne Cole Mitte Hines Academic 10.50
JCM‐HPB Joanne Cole Mitte Encion Hall 2.21
JCM‐JOW Joanne Cole Mitte Jowers 23.04
JCM‐LAMP Joanne Cole Mitte Lampasas 9.10
JCM‐LBJ Joanne Cole Mitte LBJ‐Student Center 16.00
JCM‐MCOY Joanne Cole Mitte McCoy 7.15
JCM‐MUS Joanne Cole Mitte Music 10.12
JCM‐OM Joanne Cole Mitte Old Main 12.41
JCM‐PED Joanne Cole Mitte Pedernales 13.16
JCM‐RFM Joanne Cole Mitte Roy Mitte 2.02
JCM‐SUPP Joanne Cole Mitte Supple, Jerome & Catherine 1.00
JCM‐THEA Joanne Cole Mitte Theatre 16.00
JCM‐TMH Joanne Cole Mitte Taylor‐Murphy 8.00
JCM-UAC Joanne Cole Mitte Under Graduate Admissions 5.00
JCM-IGRM Joanne Cole Mitte Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 5.12
JOW‐AG Jowers Agriculture 7.00
JOW‐ALK Jowers Alkek Library 13.00
JOW‐ASBN Jowers Academic Services Building North 4.00
JOW‐ASBS Jowers Academic Services Building South 4.00
JOW‐CENT Jowers Centennial 12.06
JOW‐CHEM Jowers Chemistry 12.06
JOW-CMAL Jowers Comal 12.00
JOW‐DERR Jowers Derrick 12.44
JOW‐ED Jowers Education 9.08
JOW‐ELA Jowers Evans Liberal Arts 14.01
JOW‐FAB Jowers Freeman Aquatic Bio 8.52
JOW‐FCS Jowers Family & Consumer Sci 21.22
JOW‐FH Jowers Flowers 7.50
JOW‐HINE Jowers Hines Academic 8.00
JOW‐HPB Jowers Encion Hall 24.01
JOW‐JCM Jowers Joanne Cole Mitte 23.04
JOW‐LAMP Jowers Lampasas 10.02
JOW‐LBJ Jowers LBJ‐Student Center 16.00
JOW‐MCOY Jowers McCoy 15.30
JOW‐MUS Jowers Music 12.06
JOW‐OM Jowers Old Main 11.04
JOW‐PED Jowers Pedernales 14.22
JOW‐RFM Jowers Roy Mitte 22.57
JOW‐SUPP Jowers Supple, Jerome & Catherine 22.30
JOW‐THEA Jowers Theatre 10.30
JOW‐TMH Jowers Taylor‐Murphy 15.16
JOW-UAC Jowers Under Graduate Admissions 10.15
JOW-IGRM Jowers Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 15.76
LAMP‐AG Lampasas Agriculture 2.53
LAMP‐ALK Lampasas Alkek Library 5.09
LAMP‐ASBN Lampasas Academic Services Building North 2.00
LAMP‐ASBS Lampasas Academic Services Building South 2.00
LAMP‐CENT Lampasas Centennial 1.50
LAMP‐CHEM Lampasas Chemistry 0.37
LAMP-CMAL Lampasas Comal 1.50
LAMP‐DERR Lampasas Derrick 3.01
LAMP‐ED Lampasas Education 1.41
LAMP‐ELA Lampasas Evans Liberal Arts 5.00
LAMP‐FAB Lampasas Freeman Aquatic Bio 5.40
LAMP‐FCS Lampasas Family & Consumer Sci 15.05
LAMP‐FH Lampasas Flowers 1.38
LAMP‐HINE Lampasas Hines Academic 3.56
LAMP‐HPB Lampasas Encion Hall 9.10
LAMP‐JCM Lampasas Joanne Cole Mitte 9.10
LAMP‐JOW Lampasas Jowers 10.02
LAMP‐LBJ Lampasas LBJ‐Student Center 7.50
LAMP‐MCOY Lampasas McCoy 9.00
LAMP‐MUS Lampasas Music 5.00
LAMP‐OM Lampasas Old Main 0.30
LAMP‐PED Lampasas Pedernales 4.41
LAMP‐RFM Lampasas Roy Mitte 11.42
LAMP‐SUPP Lampasas Supple, Jerome & Catherine 10.11
LAMP‐THEA Lampasas Theatre 5.33
LAMP‐TMH Lampasas Taylor‐Murphy 4.56
LAMP-UAC Lampasas Under Graduate Admissions 4.10
LAMP-IGRM Lampasas Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 9.46
LBJ‐AG LBJ‐Student Center Agriculture 9.41
LBJ‐ALK LBJ‐Student Center Alkek Library 2.00
LBJ‐ASBN LBJ‐Student Center Academic Services Building North 6.40
LBJ‐ASBS LBJ‐Student Center Academic Services Building South 6.40
LBJ‐CENT LBJ‐Student Center Centennial 4.58
LBJ-CMAL LBJ‐Student Center Comal 4.28
LBJ‐CHEM LBJ‐Student Center Chemistry 3.29
LBJ‐DERR LBJ‐Student Center Derrick 3.29
LBJ‐ED LBJ‐Student Center Education 7.26
LBJ‐ELA LBJ‐Student Center Evans Liberal Arts 5.04
LBJ‐FAB LBJ‐Student Center Freeman Aquatic Bio 12.44
LBJ‐FCS LBJ‐Student Center Family & Consumer Sci 5.50
LBJ‐FH LBJ‐Student Center Flowers 5.40
LBJ‐HINE LBJ‐Student Center Hines Academic 8.04
LBJ‐HPB LBJ‐Student Center Encion Hall 2.20
LBJ‐JCM LBJ‐Student Center Joanne Cole Mitte 2.21
LBJ‐JOW LBJ‐Student Center Jowers 16.00
LBJ‐LAMP LBJ‐Student Center Lampasas 7.50
LBJ‐MCOY LBJ‐Student Center McCoy 4.00
LBJ‐MUS LBJ‐Student Center Music 9.06
LBJ‐OM LBJ‐Student Center Old Main 8.40
LBJ‐PED LBJ‐Student Center Pedernales 9.09
LBJ‐RFM LBJ‐Student Center Roy Mitte 6.44
LBJ‐SUPP LBJ‐Student Center Supple, Jerome & Catherine 3.40
LBJ‐THEA LBJ‐Student Center Theatre 12.00
LBJ-UAC LBJ‐Student Center Under Graduate Admissions 3.43
LBJ‐TMH LBJ‐Student Center Taylor‐Murphy 8.45
LBJ-IGRM LBJ‐Student Center Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 4.44
MCOY-IGRM McCoy Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 5.34
MCOY‐AG McCoy Hall Agriculture 10.00
MCOY‐ALK McCoy Hall Alkek Library 3.00
MCOY‐ASBN McCoy Hall Academic Services Building North 8.00
MCOY‐ASBS McCoy Hall Academic Services Building South 9.00
MCOY‐CENT McCoy Hall Centennial 7.10
MCOY‐CHEM McCoy Hall Chemistry 7.40
MCOY-CMAL McCoy Hall Comal 5.40
MCOY‐DERR McCoy Hall Derrick 8.00
MCOY‐ED McCoy Hall Education 11.00
MCOY‐ELA McCoy Hall Evans Liberal Arts 6.00
MCOY‐FAB McCoy Hall Freeman Aquatic Bio 14.10
MCOY‐FCS McCoy Hall Family & Consumer Sci 4.50
MCOY‐FH McCoy Hall Flowers 8.00
MCOY‐HINE McCoy Hall Hines Academic 11.51
MCOY‐HPB McCoy Hall Encion Hall 3.10
MCOY‐JCM McCoy Hall Joanne Cole Mitte 7.15
MCOY‐JOW McCoy Hall Jowers 15.30
MCOY‐LAMP McCoy Hall Lampasas 9.00
MCOY‐LBJ McCoy Hall LBJ‐Student Center 4.00
MCOY‐MUS McCoy Hall Music 9.30
MCOY‐OM McCoy Hall Old Main 9.45
MCOY‐PED McCoy Hall Pedernales 9.15
MCOY‐RFM McCoy Hall Roy Mitte 4.15
MCOY‐SUPP McCoy Hall Supple, Jerome & Catherine 7.00
MCOY‐THEA McCoy Hall Theatre 16.00
MCOY-UAC McCoy Hall Under Graduate Admissions 4.00
MCOY‐TMH McCoy Hall Taylor‐Murphy 6.10
MUS‐AG Music Agriculture 4.42
MUS‐ALK Music Alkek Library 6.02
MUS‐ASBN Music Academic Services Building North 7.25
MUS‐ASBS Music Academic Services Building South 7.25
MUS‐CENT Music Centennial 15.16
MUS‐CHEM Music Chemistry 5.14
MUS-CMAL Music Comal 3.55
MUS‐DERR Music Derrick 4.56
MUS‐ED Music Education 8.56
MUS‐ELA Music Evans Liberal Arts 5.09
MUS‐FAB Music Freeman Aquatic Bio 9.46
MUS‐FCS Music Family & Consumer Sci 15.15
MUS‐FH Music Flowers 3.15
MUS‐HINE Music Hines Academic 4.12
MUS‐HPB Music Encion Hall 9.34
MUS‐JCM Music Joanne Cole Mitte 10.12
MUS‐JOW Music Jowers 12.06
MUS‐LAMP Music Lampasas 5.10
MUS‐LBJ Music LBJ‐Student Center 9.06
MUS‐MCOY Music McCoy 9.20
MUS‐OM Music Old Main 6.16
MUS‐PED Music Pedernales 1.13
MUS‐RFM Music Roy Mitte 12.25
MUS‐SUPP Music Supple, Jerome & Catherine 11.31
MUS‐THEA Music Theatre 11.56
MUS-UAC Music Under Graduate Admissions 6.00
MUS‐TMH Music Taylor‐Murphy 4.10
MUS-IGRM Music Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 9.66
OM‐AG Old Main Agriculture 2.51
OM‐ALK Old Main Alkek Library 5.10
OM‐ASBN Old Main Academic Services Building North 2.40
OM‐ASBS Old Main Academic Services Building South 2.40
OM‐CENT Old Main Centennial 1.35
OM‐CHEM Old Main Chemistry 0.39
OM-CMAL Old Main Comal 1.30
OM‐DERR Old Main Derrick 3.01
OM‐ED Old Main Education 3.00
OM‐ELA Old Main Evans Liberal Arts 4.52
OM‐FAB Old Main Freeman Aquatic Bio 7.10
OM‐FCS Old Main Family & Consumer Sci 14.00
OM‐FH Old Main Flowers 1.20
OM‐HINE Old Main Hines Academic 2.41
OM‐HPB Old Main Encion Hall 10.17
OM‐JCM Old Main Joanne Cole Mitte 12.41
OM‐JOW Old Main Jowers 11.04
OM‐LAMP Old Main Lampasas 0.30
OM‐LBJ Old Main LBJ‐Student Center 8.40
OM‐MCOY Old Main McCoy 9.45
OM‐MUS Old Main Music 6.16
OM‐PED Old Main Pedernales 6.12
OM‐RFM Old Main Roy Mitte 14.00
OM‐SUPP Old Main Supple, Jerome & Catherine 12.10
OM‐THEA Old Main Theatre 6.25
OM-UAC Old Main Under Graduate Admissions 4.10
OM‐TMH Old Main Taylor‐Murphy 5.01
OM-IGRM Old Main Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 9.91
PED‐AG Pedernales Agriculture 2.03
PED‐ALK Pedernales Alkek Library 5.42
PED‐ASBN Pedernales Academic Services Building North 6.20
PED‐ASBS Pedernales Academic Services Building South 6.20
PED‐CENT Pedernales Centennial 5.23
PED-CMAL Pedernales Comal 5.25
PED‐CHEM Pedernales Chemistry 4.01
PED‐DERR Pedernales Derrick 5.11
PED‐ED Pedernales Education 8.02
PED‐ELA Pedernales Evans Liberal Arts 5.01
PED‐FAB Pedernales Freeman Aquatic Bio 8.14
PED‐FCS Pedernales Family & Consumer Sci 15.52
PED‐FH Pedernales Flowers 4.12
PED‐HINE Pedernales Hines Academic 4.30
PED‐HPB Pedernales Encion Hall 9.40
PED‐JCM Pedernales Joanne Cole Mitte 13.16
PED‐JOW Pedernales Jowers 14.22
PED‐LAMP Pedernales Lampasas 4.41
PED‐LBJ Pedernales LBJ‐Student Center 9.09
PED‐MCOY Pedernales McCoy 9.15
PED‐MUS Pedernales Music 1.13
PED‐OM Pedernales Old Main 6.12
PED‐RFM Pedernales Roy Mitte 14.22
PED‐SUPP Pedernales Supple, Jerome & Catherine 11.15
PED‐THEA Pedernales Theatre 9.51
PED‐TMH Pedernales Taylor‐Murphy 5.12
PED-UAC Pedernales Under Graduate Admissions 5.25
PED-IGRM Pedernales Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 9.61
RFM‐AG Roy Mitte Agriculture 13.50
RFM‐ALK Roy Mitte Alkek Library 5.20
RFM‐ASBN Roy Mitte Academic Services Building North 8.39
RFM‐ASBS Roy Mitte Academic Services Building South 11.08
RFM‐CENT Roy Mitte Centennial 7.20
RFM-CMAL Roy Mitte Comal 7.16
RFM‐CHEM Roy Mitte Chemistry 10.58
RFM‐DERR Roy Mitte Derrick 7.00
RFM‐ED Roy Mitte Education 10.20
RFM‐ELA Roy Mitte Evans Liberal Arts 9.00
RFM‐FAB Roy Mitte Freeman Aquatic Bio 15.17
RFM‐FCS Roy Mitte Family & Consumer Sci 2.20
RFM‐FH Roy Mitte Flowers 7.15
RFM‐HINE Roy Mitte Hines Academic 12.15
RFM‐HPB Roy Mitte Encion Hall 2.22
RFM‐JCM Roy Mitte Joanne Cole Mitte 2.02
RFM‐JOW Roy Mitte Jowers 22.57
RFM‐LAMP Roy Mitte Lampasas 11.42
RFM‐LBJ Roy Mitte LBJ‐Student Center 6.44
RFM‐MCOY Roy Mitte McCoy 4.15
RFM‐MUS Roy Mitte Music 12.25
RFM‐OM Roy Mitte Old Main 14.00
RFM‐PED Roy Mitte Pedernales 14.22
RFM‐SUPP Roy Mitte Supple, Jerome & Catherine 0.40
RFM‐THEA Roy Mitte Theatre 18.20
RFM-UAC Roy Mitte Under Graduate Admissions 9.15
RFM‐TMH Roy Mitte Taylor‐Murphy 8.56
RFM-IGRM Roy Mitte Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 4.52
SUPP‐AG Supple, Jerome & Catherine Agriculture 10.25
SUPP‐ALK Supple, Jerome & Catherine Alkek Library 5.30
SUPP‐ASBN Supple, Jerome & Catherine Academic Services Building North 8.32
SUPP‐ASBS Supple, Jerome & Catherine Academic Services Building South 10.32
SUPP‐CENT Supple, Jerome & Catherine Centennial 10.21
SUPP‐CHEM Supple, Jerome & Catherine Chemistry 9.58
SUPP-CMAL Supple, Jerome & Catherine Comal 10.15
SUPP‐DERR Supple, Jerome & Catherine Derrick 1.22
SUPP‐ED Supple, Jerome & Catherine Education 11.15
SUPP‐ELA Supple, Jerome & Catherine Evans Liberal Arts 8.50
SUPP‐FAB Supple, Jerome & Catherine Freeman Aquatic Bio 16.23
SUPP‐FCS Supple, Jerome & Catherine Family & Consumer Sci 2.30
SUPP‐FH Supple, Jerome & Catherine Flowers 7.06
SUPP‐HINE Supple, Jerome & Catherine Hines Academic 10.15
SUPP‐HPB Supple, Jerome & Catherine Encion Hall 2.15
SUPP‐JCM Supple, Jerome & Catherine Joanne Cole Mitte 1.00
SUPP‐JOW Supple, Jerome & Catherine Jowers 22.30
SUPP‐LAMP Supple, Jerome & Catherine Lampasas 10.11
SUPP‐LBJ Supple, Jerome & Catherine LBJ‐Student Center 3.40
SUPP‐MCOY Supple, Jerome & Catherine McCoy 7.00
SUPP‐MUS Supple, Jerome & Catherine Music 11.31
SUPP‐OM Supple, Jerome & Catherine Old Main 12.10
SUPP‐PED Supple, Jerome & Catherine Pedernales 11.15
SUPP‐RFM Supple, Jerome & Catherine Roy Mitte 0.40
SUPP‐THEA Supple, Jerome & Catherine Theatre 16.02
SUPP-UAC Supple, Jerome & Catherine Under Graduate Admissions 8.20
SUPP‐TMH Supple, Jerome & Catherine Taylor‐Murphy 9.02
SUPP-IGRM Supple, Jerome & Catherine Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 4.39
TMH‐AG Taylor‐Murphy Agriculture 5.10
TMH‐ALK Taylor‐Murphy Alkek Library 4.01
TMH‐ASBN Taylor‐Murphy Academic Services Building North 2.37
TMH‐ASBS Taylor‐Murphy Academic Services Building South 4.00
TMH‐CENT Taylor‐Murphy Centennial 2.20
TMH-CMAL Taylor‐Murphy Comal 0.45
TMH‐CHEM Taylor‐Murphy Chemistry 3.19
TMH‐DERR Taylor‐Murphy Derrick 0.33
TMH‐ED Taylor‐Murphy Education 5.00
TMH‐ELA Taylor‐Murphy Evans Liberal Arts 0.45
TMH‐FAB Taylor‐Murphy Freeman Aquatic Bio 8.12
TMH‐FCS Taylor‐Murphy Family & Consumer Sci 12.50
TMH‐FH Taylor‐Murphy Flowers 2.00
TMH‐HINE Taylor‐Murphy Hines Academic 4.34
TMH‐HPB Taylor‐Murphy Encion Hall 6.13
TMH‐JCM Taylor‐Murphy Joanne Cole Mitte 8.00
TMH‐JOW Taylor‐Murphy Jowers 15.16
TMH‐LAMP Taylor‐Murphy Lampasas 4.56
TMH‐LBJ Taylor‐Murphy LBJ‐Student Center 8.45
TMH‐MCOY Taylor‐Murphy McCoy 6.10
TMH‐MUS Taylor‐Murphy Music 4.10
TMH‐OM Taylor‐Murphy Old Main 5.01
TMH‐PED Taylor‐Murphy Pedernales 5.12
TMH‐RFM Taylor‐Murphy Roy Mitte 8.56
TMH‐SUPP Taylor‐Murphy Supple, Jerome & Catherine 9.02
TMH‐THEA Taylor‐Murphy Theatre 9.02
TMH-UAC Taylor‐Murphy Under Graduate Admissions 1.05
TMH-IGRM Taylor‐Murphy Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 6.56
THEA‐AG Theatre Agriculture 9.50
THEA‐ALK Theatre Alkek Library 11.01
THEA‐ASBN Theatre Academic Services Building North 4.48
THEA‐ASBS Theatre Academic Services Building South 4.48
THEA‐CENT Theatre Centennial 7.06
THEA‐CHEM Theatre Chemistry 6.13
THEA-CMAL Theatre Comal 3.09
THEA‐DERR Theatre Derrick 5.00
THEA‐ED Theatre Education 5.00
THEA‐ELA Theatre Evans Liberal Arts 9.05
THEA‐FAB Theatre Freeman Aquatic Bio 11.10
THEA‐FCS Theatre Family & Consumer Sci 15.25
THEA‐FH Theatre Flowers 5.45
THEA‐HINE Theatre Hines Academic 7.30
THEA‐HPB Theatre Encion Hall 12.55
THEA‐JCM Theatre Joanne Cole Mitte 16.00
THEA‐JOW Theatre Jowers 10.30
THEA‐LAMP Theatre Lampasas 5.33
THEA‐LBJ Theatre LBJ‐Student Center 12.00
THEA‐MCOY Theatre McCoy 16.00
THEA‐MUS Theatre Music 11.56
THEA‐OM Theatre Old Main 6.25
THEA‐PED Theatre Pedernales 9.51
THEA‐RFM Theatre Roy Mitte 18.20
THEA‐SUPP Theatre Supple, Jerome & Catherine 16.02
THEA-UAC Theatre Under Graduate Admissions 10.30
THEA‐TMH Theatre Taylor‐Murphy 9.02
THEA-IGRM Theatre Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 14.79
UAC‐AG Under Graduate Admissions Agriculture 7.01
UAC‐ALK Under Graduate Admissions Alkek Library 2.00
UAC-ASBN Under Graduate Admissions Academic Services Building North 6.20
UAC‐ASBS Under Graduate Admissions Academic Services Building South 6.20
UAC‐CENT Under Graduate Admissions Centennial 3.05
UAC‐CHEM Under Graduate Admissions Chemistry 4.10
UAC-CMAL Under Graduate Admissions Comal 2.58
UAC‐DERR Under Graduate Admissions Derrick 2.45
UAC‐ED Under Graduate Admissions Education 8.00
UAC‐ELA Under Graduate Admissions Evans Liberal Arts 1.30
UAC‐FAB Under Graduate Admissions Freeman Aquatic Bio 8.00
UAC‐FCS Under Graduate Admissions Family & Consumer Sci 10.00
UAC‐FH Under Graduate Admissions Flowers 5.00
UAC‐HINE Under Graduate Admissions Hines Academic 7.10
UAC‐HPB Under Graduate Admissions Encion Hall 6.18
UAC‐JCM Under Graduate Admissions Joanne Cole Mitte 5.00
UAC‐JOW Under Graduate Admissions Jowers 10.00
UAC‐LAMP Under Graduate Admissions Lampasas 4.10
UAC‐LBJ Under Graduate Admissions LBJ‐Student Center 3.43
UAC‐MCOY Under Graduate Admissions McCoy 4.00
UAC‐MUS Under Graduate Admissions Music 6.00
UAC‐OM Under Graduate Admissions Old Main 4.10
UAC‐PED Under Graduate Admissions Pedernales 5.25
UAC‐RFM Under Graduate Admissions Roy Mitte 9.15
UAC‐SUPP Under Graduate Admissions Supple, Jerome & Catherine 8.20
UAC‐THEA Under Graduate Admissions Theatre 10.30
UAC‐TMH Under Graduate Admissions Taylor‐Murphy 1.05
UAC-IGRM Undergraduate Admissions Ingram Hall, Bruce and Gloria (IGRM) 4.46