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Previous Semesters
Current students can view their previous semester grades on the web via the transcript link. Former students will need to order a copy of their Texas State transcript to obtain previous semesters grades. For more information on Transcripts, please see their page under "Our Services"

How can I obtain a copy of my grades?
Students can check and print a copy of their grades from the web.  Check the Academic Calendar for the proper semester to see when grades will be available.


Grade Legend (Undergraduate)

 Symbol  Explanation  Grade Points per Semester Hour
A  Excellent                                         4
B  Good   3
C  Average   2
D  Passing   1
F  Failure (Earned)  0
U  Failure (Unearned)  0
N**  Failure (Never Attended)  0
DA  Dropped, Never Attended, Non-punitive  0
I  Incomplete  0
NC  Not Completed, Correspondence  0
NR  Not Reported  0
W  Withdrawn Passing  0
 PR  In Progress and Non-punitive  0
 CR  Credit Given  0
 RF  (Developmental Course) Non-punitive, Earned  0
 RU  (Developmental Course) Non-punitive, Unearned  0
 RN**  (Developmental Course) Never Attended and Non-punitive  0
RI  (Developmental Course) Incomplete  0
 RP  (Developmental Course) In Progress and Non-punitive  0
 X*  Non-degree Credit Given  0
 Y*  Non-punitive  0
 AU  Audit  0

*Any grade with an X after it is non-degree credit and any grade with a Y after it is non-punitive
**Grade no longer used as of Fall 2014

A passing grade for a graduate level course is a C, and a passing grade for a doctoral level course is a B. For more information view academic grading policies for the Graduate College.