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Previous Semesters
Current students can view their previous semester grades on the web via the transcript link. Former students will need to order a copy of their Texas State transcript to obtain previous semesters grades. For more information on transcripts, please see their page under "Our Services"

How can I obtain a copy of my grades?
Students can check and print a copy of their grades from the Texas State Self-Service.  Check the academic calendar for the proper semester to see when grades will be available.


Grade Legend (Undergraduate)

 Symbol  Explanation  Grade Points per Semester Hour
A  Excellent                                         4
B  Good   3
C  Average   2
D  Passing   1
F  Failure (Earned)  0
U  Failure (Unearned)  0
N**  Failure (Never Attended)  0
DA  Dropped, Never Attended, Non-punitive  0
I  Incomplete  0
NC  Not Completed, Correspondence, Non-punitive  0
NR  Not Reported  0
W  Withdrawn Passing  0
 PR  In Progress and Non-punitive  0
 CR  Credit Given  0
 RF  (Developmental Course) Non-punitive, Earned  0
 RU  (Developmental Course) Non-punitive, Unearned  0
 RN**  (Developmental Course) Never Attended and Non-punitive  0
RI  (Developmental Course) Incomplete  0
 RP  (Developmental Course) In Progress and Non-punitive  0
 X*  Non-degree Credit Given  0
 Y*  Non-punitive  0
 AU  Audit  0

*Any grade with an X after it is non-degree credit and any grade with a Y after it is non-punitive
**Grade no longer used as of Fall 2014

A passing grade for a graduate level course is a C, and a passing grade for a doctoral level course is a B. For more information view academic grading policies for the Graduate College.